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skype:MarikBentusi?chat | steam://friends/add/76561197982995845

:bulletpink: What You Get

● 1 full body, fully colored, shaded, and post-processed character.
● full res, full quality .PNG (and .PSD if you want).
● simple background if requested.
● concept sketches while I’m pinning down the final picture.
● other options available (see under “Price”)
:bulletorange: How You Get It

● Send me a notecommentemailSteam or Skype message about what you'd like me to draw you. The more specific the request and the more references you include, the better.
● If I agree to the commission, I send you an early sketch. If you approve, transfer the money and I'll start with the big project, which ideally takes 1-2 days.

:bulletyellow: Price

● Just send me any amount you think my service is worth on Paypal or gift me something from my Steam Wishlist. I’m also looking for an uncut Orange Box on Steam.
● You only need to pay a minimum for additional characters (USD 5/3.66€ each) and complex backgrounds (USD 10/7.32€).
● Pay above average and get a little Bonus (see below). Games on sale count as if bought undiscounted.
    ● Average for 1 character and optional simple background: USD 18.74/13.78€
    ● Average for 1 character and complex background: USD 36.48/26.68€

    ● Average for 2 characters and optional simple background: USD 19.99/14.62€
    ● Average for 2 characters and complex background: USD 20/14.63€
    ● Average for 3 characters and optional simple background: USD 10/7.31€
    ● Average for 3 characters and complex background: USD 30/21.94€
    ● Average for a chibi: USD 4/2.93€

:bulletgreen: Boni

If you
    ● pay above average
    ● recommission me
    ● refer a paying friend
    ● or complete my Dropbox Referral
you (and any referred friend) receive a Bonus. You can instantly spend that Bonus for a colored and shaded sketch (or something similarly simple), or you can save Boni for these benefits:
    ● 1 Bonus adds a character to your commission, or upgrades a Bonus sketch character to clean lineart with flatcolors.
    ● 2 Boni add a complex background to your commission, or upgrade a Bonus sketch character to commission quality.
    ● 3 Boni upgrade a Bonus sketch character to commission quality with either a complex background or another character.

I Love Valve by LocouPeer Review Stamp by xNightxDragonxDon't Mind Me Citizen by MarikBentusi

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SacredLaserFrog Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the :llama:!
SacredLaserFrog Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice gallery!
GuineaPigDan Apr 25, 2013   Filmographer
There's a new user who's spamming the front page with offers for incredibly large amounts of free dA points. He/she has uploaded the same image over 16,000 times. Would that be worth bringing up in the Script Stop group?
dA's already officially doing something against spammers - it's just that they keep coming and their system isn't very effective. You could try reporting the user over at HelpDesk tho.

ScriptStop was just for script users that dA didn't hunt down, so when they changed their mind and started doing so, the group became obsolete.
PizzaPotatoNBacon Feb 15, 2013  Student General Artist
I have to say, your work is fantastic! And the story you mentioned below is amazing, and a great concept!
You sir, have earned a watch.
Thank you very much :bow:
Yugetamitlu Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have choosen to watch you, for that Aitia thing interests me a lot.
If you perhaps could give me an in-depth explanation of this; Is it a story? A simple imaginative world? A comic? Please tell me more.
It's a story (in German), but I've been thinking about putting out a comic to show it in motion, because to my surprise some people are actually interested. This Element Explained series is something of a creative outlet for me while I'm rewriting what's been lost in an HDD crash.

Focus points of the story are trope subversion, world showcasing and character development. 4th wall breaking is an important thing, in a "Time Cop + Sophie's World" kinda way. It starts clichéd, light-hearted and high-powered, but with every chapter it gets a bit more twisted, darker and low-powered as the antagonist continues to break the first protagonist psychologically and physically. Usually there's still some humor so the mood doesn't become stale and static tho.

The four most important characters:
- the first protagonist thinks he's in a power fantasy dream until the antagonist shows up and tells him he's inserted himself into his own story world. Before he's crushed and a certain twist changes him fundamentally, a curious and responsible person held back by bad decision making/overthinking in ways that allows the antagonist to control him through fear.

- the second protagonist, a young hard working doctor with a grim backstory and perma-smile trying to spend her few remaining years (half-elf biology's pretty twisted) as useful as possible - but then her father is getting sucked into a conspiracy in the middle of a demonic invasion indirectly kickstarted by the protagonist. Can deal professionally with people, but otherwise very isolated.

- Unlike the second, the third protagonist is a fun and kinda cocky drow girl when among friends, but cautiously shy at best when it comes to unpredictable strangers. These traits directly conflict with her "jobs": In slavery (not how you think it is) she learned enough languages to serve as a translator, and outside of that she's something of a black market leader.

- the antagonist is a well-spoken shapeshifter of few words and appearances manipulating from the shadows. His first appearance scares the first protagonist (still in the high-powered happy dandy beginning) shitless because he recognizes him as a scrapped character he came up with: The villain destined to destroy the hero.

If any of that sounds interesting, I can elaborate for ages about this stuff. One guy preferred to wait until the second ice age for a translation and didn't want to have the plot spoiled, but if you want I can tell you about this ~mysterious~ plot twist that happens when the first protagonist breaks and changes a whooole bunch of this.
Yugetamitlu Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I would definitely love to read this story. As a book.
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